Trips 2 Make U Sweat!

When was the last time you went to a really hot place and had a blast? I am all about having a good time while vacationing. If you are into the hot night club scene and looking for the hottest club to dance at, then I can help you with your hot spot. My Hot summer spots include trips to Florida, Las Vegas, Bahammas, and California. Lets get our hot vacation rolling!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I have been to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Sacramento, and Wisnor California. They are all very hot, beautiful places to vacation. Hollywood and Beverly Hills California is great for anyone to visit if you love the stars! We see them everyday. They are always around us; in the tabloids, tv, radio, pictures, so might as well stop over into Hollywood's great Walk of Fame to view your favorite stars hand prints. Take one of their inexpensive tours that you can find at the famous Mans Chinese Theater. These tour buses will take you to some of the stars actual homes. Yep, right into their neighborhoods. I saw the homes of Tom Cruise, Brittney Spears, Courtney Cox, Sylvestor Stallone, Burt Renolds, Kenua Reeves and the famous Ozbournes. I must worn you that the two homes that were very hard to see anything of were Tom Cruise's and Kenua Reeves because they had some of the tightest gated entry and their landscape had bushes so high that were designed to hide the home so it made it very hard to see the much of theirs.

They also had fantastic night clubs from what I got to experience. Club Hollywood is right on top of the Mans Chinese Theater and is HUGE! There are so many differnt rooms and music to hear. They also have a beautiful balconey that plays requests only and you can see the entire Hollywood Blvd. strip. It is truly a beautiful view and well worth the $20-30 you'll pay to get in. There were many others, but I'll leave that a suprise for you!

Wisnor and Sacramento California are great places for going camping and hiking. That is what I did when I visited. There seems to be a lot of camping grounds and resort areas to visit in Sacramento especially. Wisnor is pretty underground and not very well known. It is really just a deserted beach area. We didn't stay there long, but I thought it was breath taking!

Do you like dancing?? I recommend that when you go down to Flordia to visit, you experience their night life. It is so much fun and there is always somewhere to go and and something open no matter what time you get started at. Let's put it this way, last call for booze is at 4am and that is pretty standard for most places if you're partying down in Miami.

Flordia night life is great for simply relaxing and lounging or going out and having a wild time at one of Miami's famous dance clubs. The ones I personally recommend are places like Crobar in downtown Miami which is known for its great Dj performers and dancing, Club Space which is one of South Florida's largest night clubs and well known for having famous techno artist come down and do a light and music shows the whole night and great for dancing as well. I can't forget to urge you to visit Mango's on Washington Ave. in South Beach which is great for lounging and enduring the beautiful brazilizn male and female performers while you're having a drink or a bite to eat. This place is so entertaining and after they perform, you get to dance too!

Things to do in Florida... well, let me start with ANYTHING! They have some of the best zoos, aquariums, skate parks, nature walks, beaches, shopping, restaurants, and night life to see. Speaking of zoos and some of the animals in them, Florida has manatees to see. These are really gentle and adorable water mamals that have been endanged species for the last 20 years. You can find them at local aquariums and Sea World in Fl. There are very few left in the salt water beaches.

Have you experienced a Florida vacation yet? Well, I highly recommend that everyone of you make some time to spend at least one full week down there. It is sunny almost every day with ocassional thunder storms, but the storms are typically seasonal, thank gosh. The absolute best time to visit if you want the hot and sunny, all the time, kind of weather would be in the months of April, May, June and July. So basically, the spring followed by the summer season. These months make any beach in south florida look great!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hello again,

Today was a really great learning experience for me with blogging. I have posted quite a few of them and have learned why they're meaningful as well as how to link them to the web. I also re-did my home page in Catalyst because it IS much easier! I was very happy about that. I had been using front page before and it was getting very confusing. My bright buddy Charlene knows how to do it there

Famous Las Vegas Buffets:

It is almost a ritual to eat at one of Las Vegas famous buffets. All of the theme hotels has at least one buffet in them, but there were only three recommended by more the a couple of people. The first recommended was the Rio. The price is low for the amount of food you get and quality is pretty good. Second is the Aladdin because the quality is very good and the seafood is highly recommended. The third is in the famous Bellagio hotel because the quality is top notch and I've heard you get some of the best seafood in the Las Vegas area, however, you will be paying a high dollar amount for this one!

My favorite thing to do in Las Vegas:

My favorite thing to do there was hit the night clubs. They can be so much fun with just about anyone. The hot spots for spring and summer of 2006 have been clubs like: Rain, which is located inside of the Palms Hotel where the familiar tv show "Party at the Palms" is filmed starring Jenny McCarthy. Also club Pure has been very popular and a lot of celebs go there. It is located inside of Ceasers Palace Hotel. Club Tal is pretty Big and also happening. This one is located inside of the famous Venison Hotel. All three of the clubs I mentioned play techno, hip hop, 80's retro new wave mixes and a little rock. They are all open until 4 a.m. I can say wheather you drink or not, you'll have a blast dancing with and meeting new people.

Another thing about Las Veges:

Staying in Las Vegas isn't at all that expensive. It's where you choose to spend your money that makes it so expensive. Things like, alcohol, food, suveneoirs, and even hotels to a certain extent are priced very reasonably. It's because the "Vagans" assume you will put most of your money into gambling. If you don't gamble too much and just explore the night life and spend time enjoying the strip, you won't break the bank!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My trip to Las Vegas

Hello everyone,

I just recently got back from Las Vegas before summer quarter started. It was a blast! If you have not had the chance to vacation there, you really should. It is a lot like an adult Disney World because there is so much to do. Everything is based off of some sort of theme. All of the hotels are another country or state. You have your choice of what part of the world you want to be in as long as you have some "doe" behind it :)